7 Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a method of promoting (marketing) products or services by utilizing social media platforms. Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your online business.

Social media marketing also provides many benefits for a business, including increasing product popularity, making it easier for you to get new customers, increasing website visitors and ranking on search engines, and maintaining good relationships and customer satisfaction.

Social Media Platforms 2021

Not only that, Sprout Social says, 75% of people will make a purchase after seeing a product through social media.

Social media marketing must be done right, if you do it the wrong way, it will have a negative impact on your business.

Here are 7 Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing

1. Client Research

When doing social media marketing, you don’t need to use all platforms. Use one of the platforms that are often used by your target clients.

Instagram is suitable for you to use if your target audience is relatively young and has a B2C (business to customer) business model.

However, if your target clients are professionals and have a B2B (business to business) business model, Facebook and Linkedin will be the right choice for promotion.

2. Create Clear Goals

When you are doing social media marketing for the first time, you may be confused about what kind of goals you should achieve.

The purpose of carrying out this strategy can be in the form of finding new prospective clients and building relationships with your customers, increasing website traffic or increasing brand awareness.

With a clear goal, it will be easier for you to do it.

For example, you have set this marketing goal to increase brand awareness. So when you do it, you have to create content that is able to show your brand.

3. Competitor Analysis

Currently, not only you are doing social media marketing, but also many of your competitors are doing it.

In order for the strategy used to be superior to your competitors, you also have to know the strategies they have implemented.

Find out and analyze the social media they use, keywords, hashtags, to the concept of content they use. But you have to remember, finding out doesn’t mean stealing competitors’ ideas.

The tool that you can use to analyze competitors is UberSuggest.

After finding out the competitor’s strategy, try your social media marketing to do better (superior) than competitors.

4. Create Relevant and Interesting Content

After doing client research, having clear goals, and researching competitors. Now is the time for you to create relevant and interesting content for your social media marketing.

Here are tips to make content more relevant and interesting:

  • Think of a topic that fits your business niche
  • Create content according to promotional objectives
  • Don’t over-create content that makes sales
  • Don’t post too often
  • Content must be able to answer the needs of your target client

5. Determine the Right Post Time

The timing of posting on social media is also something you need to pay attention to.

Posting too often will make your prospective clients bored (can do unfollowing), but rarely posting will also make potential clients not believe in your business.

Post on social media at least 3 to 4 times each week. In addition, there are also rules for the right and wrong time (hours) for posting, pay attention to the picture below:

Social Media Infographic

6. Take advantage of Ads

Social media marketing is not only done on one social media application. But you can also take advantage of the ads service on each social media platform. The goal is to increase the reach of your social media posts.

There are several social media that provide ads services, such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

7. Evaluate

The last step you need to do is evaluate the performance of the social media marketing that you have done. This evaluation aims to improve the performance of social media marketing that you will do next.

You can see what needs to be maintained and what needs to be improved based on the things you have done.

How to do it? You can see which posts have the highest engagement. Not only that, you can also take the opportunity to interact with your followers, for example by creating a question and answer moment using features on social media.

There are numerous other helpful things to acquire from interpersonal organizations, like local area commitment, client assistance and sharing significant hints and data about your administration or item.

At the point when you understand what sorts of measurements you need to gauge to follow your targets, it’s an ideal opportunity to discover a device that will follow those measurements.

Many booking instruments and online media channels give their own type of following, or it’s feasible to investigate utilizing outsider roads or building your own APIs.

It’s imperative to stay up with the latest with the evolving patterns, highlights and calculations that informal communities are continually tossing at us. This will be critical to a powerful and (ideally) remunerating experience with social media marketing.