20 Landing Page Design Tips to Increase Conversions

Looking for landing page design tips to help you generate more prospects and increase conversions?

A landing page can be a powerful tool for any marketing campaign. With a well-designed landing page that is laser-oriented laser on a specific purpose, you can delete all distractions and get your visitors pass.

But what makes a good landing page design? And how can you use your landing page design to skyrocket your conversions?

Today, we will share the best landing page design tips so that you can create a landing page not only beautiful, but that also converts. First, let’s go in more detail why you need a landing page and how it can help you with your goals.

Why do you need landing pages

Landing page is an independent page on your site created for certain offers or campaigns. This is different from the page of your website veranda, which has many different options for visitors.

The main task of your landing page is to attract people who are interested in your offer and convince them to take action.

You can create landing pages for various purposes, such as:

  • Offering main magnets in exchange for contact information
  • Promote certain products or services
  • Produce buzz about an event or sale
  • Get registration for webinars
  • And much more

When visitors arrive at your landing page, there is no other choice or choice to distract them. Instead, they can focus on taking the action you want.

Best Landing Page Design Tips

The most basic landing page has the following elements:

  • Headline
  • Subheading
  • Copy
  • Images
  • Call-to-Action

Apart from the basics, there is the best practice page that can change your landing page into the main generation machine.

Here are a few landing page design tips to help you create the highest conversion landing page.

1. Stay to One Goal on Your Landing Page

As we mentioned earlier, the whole purpose of the landing page is that it focuses on the laser on one goal. When there are too many choices and choices that must be done, visitors will be less likely to take the desired action.

So, you need to make sure the message of your landing page is clear and focused. When you keep your landing page on one goal or offers, you can easily increase conversion.

2. Keep it Without Distraction

When designing your landing page, you need to make sure there is no distraction that will result in users. For example, if you include a navigation menu on your landing page, visitors can easily click without opting in your offer.

Delete the external and internal links of your landing page, such as navigation menus, footer links, etc. After removing all unnecessary links, the only one to click will be your CTA button.

A landing page without distraction will help you increase conversions and minimize your bounce rate.

3. Consider Using Landing Page Templates

Designing your own professional landing pages can be difficult. That’s why we often recommend using landing page templates.

Landing page templates are made by professionals so you can ensure your page is well designed. Plus, you can adjust it to suit the brand and certain offer.

You can get a design that has been made for:

  • Sales page
  • Webinar page
  • Video landing page
  • Coming soon page
  • Squeeze page
  • Thank you page
  • And much more

4. Choose the Right Color

Do you know that the color you choose for landing pages you can have an effect on your conversion rate? Yes, at least, at least a little.

Color psychology is very strong and we have a natural response to certain hues. For example, blue is associated with trust, strength, and dependence, which is why it is used by many financial brands.

And green is associated with growth, harmony, and freshness so it is often used by health brands.

By consideration of account color psychology, you can arouse certain emotions in your audience and make your landing page more persuasive.

5. Think Responsiveness

People will not visit your landing page from only their desktop browser. They will also visit them from their smart phones and tablets.

Therefore, you need to make sure your landing page is responsive so it looks good on all devices.

6. Draw Attention with an Interesting Title

Your title is often the first thing visitors see when they land on your page. So, you need to make it good. With the attractive headline, visitors will keep stay to learn more. With a bad title, they will leave.

No need to be metaphorically with your headlines or produce some unique games with words. The best way to inspire your visitors to take action is to tell them exactly how they will benefit from the offer.

7. Write Copy Your Audience Can Be Related To

In addition to the title, you also need to think carefully about the remaining copy on the page.

If you promote a particular product on your landing page, you might be tempted to enter a long description of all its features. But, not only that too much information to read, it does not encourage visitors to take action.

Instead, focus on overcoming the problems facing your audience and how your product will help them solve it.
Remember to make it short and use bullet points to make it easier to read.

8. Increase Readability with a Good Typography Design

Fonts can make or destroy your landing page. While decorative fonts may look good for you, it can really make your landing page difficult to read and give visitors a bad experience.

Instead of choosing a clear and easy to read font for your landing page. Also, choose fonts that work well together can be a struggle if you are not a designer.

9. Offer Value Above Folds

The best landing page structure is one that stores all the most important landing page content on the fold.

Above the fold refers to the section of your landing page which is immediately visible by the user on the page.

Anything below this section, that visitors must scroll down the page to see, under the fold.

You don’t have much time to convince visitors to take action. So, you don’t want to waste that time by having a visitor scrolling your page to reach good items.

Place your most important content, such as your offer and call-to-action, on the fold so it’s the first thing they see.

10. Make your CTA Compelling

Call-to-Action (CTA) is the most important element of your landing page. This is a button that is clicked by visitors when they are ready to choose.

Your CTA button must be large, has a contrasting color to attract eyes, and it must be persuasive.

Make your CTA button more persuasive as simple by changing the button text.

For example, the CTA button you can read:

  • Download eBooks Now
  • Your Discount Claims Today
  • Get “Product Name” now
  • Try the “Product Name” for free

Instead of having CTA that reads something boring like “Subscribe” or “Contact Us,” you can make it more persuasive by showing the value of opting on.

11. Add Videos to Explain Complex Information

Adding videos to your landing page is a great way to increase involvement and encourage more conversions.
In fact, according to video marketing statistics, 84% of people say they have convinced to buy products or services by watching brand videos.

Plus, you can use videos to explain more complex information about your product or service, instead of packing your landing page with text that is difficult to read.

66% of consumers prefer to watch videos to read about a product.

With FlexClip, you can create high-quality videos that capture the essence of your brand, showcase your services, and effectively communicate your message to your target audience.

12. Integrate With Social Media

Imagine if everyone who visited your landing page shared it with their family and friends online. Having your Viral landing page will be an extraordinary way to get more traffic and conversion.

However, most people will not share your pages with their own agreement. You need to push them and make it easy by adding a social share button to your landing page.

With a social share button, visitors can share your content with 1 click.

13. Show Social Evidence to Increase Trust

If you want to turn visitors into prospects or customers, then you need to get their trust.

That’s where social proof enters. Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon where people see other people’s actions to decide what to do.

For example, customer reviews are a form of social proof. If the user is not sure of buying a product, they will read the reviews. Only a few shining reviews can convince them to buy.

So, make sure to add social proof to your landing page. You can add:

  • Customer Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Star rating
  • Famous Client logo
  • User-generated content
  • And much more

You can display notification of social proof when someone signed up for your email list, buying a product, leaving the reviews, and more.

These messages not only help you get trust with visitors, but they also help you create FOMO (fear will disappear).

When visitors see a notification of extraordinary experiences, others have with your brand, they will be more likely to convert so they don’t miss the pleasure.

It’s a powerful way to increase your conversion.

14. Shortly Your Form

No one will turn off visitors to your landing page more than a long shape. With too many fields to be filled, visitors will leave your page before they start. That’s why it’s important to keep your form short.

Just ask for information that you really need from your visitors, like their email address. Visitors will be far more likely to take action when it takes less than a minute to fill out your form.

15. Use Optin 2 Steps

In most landing pages, people can register for your offer in 1 of 2 ways:

  • Clicking the CTA (call-to-action) button
  • Filling in form

Many people will be afraid to see the form immediately, no matter how short it is. So, using the CTA button method is better for conversion.

However, the problem using the CTA button is directing visitors to another page, which can cause friction in the user experience.

16. Create Urgency With the Countdown Timer

Instead of having visitors to your pages to reflect whether they have to choose or not, you want them to act quickly.
And you can get users to make faster decisions by creating a sense of urgency.

You can do this by using words in your headlines, copy, and CTA which implies urgency, such as:

  • Now
  • Today
  • Quick
  • Do not wait

But a stronger way to make urgency is to use a countdown timer on your landing page.

With limited time offers and timers that count down minutes to expiration, visitors will rush to make a purchase before it’s too late.

17. Answer the Question with The FAQ Section

Most people have questions before they sign up for something or make a purchase. If these questions are not answered, they cannot be converted.

So, this landing page design tips will help you alleviate the concerns of your potential customers and move it closer to conversion.

Adding the FAQ section to your landing page is a great way to answer common questions like how your product works, what is included in the agreement, or how to cancel/restore the product.

18. Optimize Your Page for Speed

When designing your landing page, you also have to make sure it loads quickly. If your page is too long loading, your visitors will be tired of waiting and leaving your site for competitors.

There are a number of ways you can increase the speed of your landing page, including:

  • Use fast and reliable web hosting
  • Use CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Get a caching plugin
  • Compress and optimize your image
  • Keep your websites updated

19. Test A/B

Wondering whether the green CTA button functions better than the red CTA button? Not sure the headline version of your landing page that produces more conversions?

You will never know how well the design of your landing page works, unless you are testing A/B. Testing A/B is when you compare 2 different webpage versions of each other to find out which is better.

Testing A/B is an important step for designing your landing page. Even the smallest change can produce more conversions. So, make sure you A/B test every element of your landing page.

20. Add the Outgoing Intervention to Recover Abandoned Visitors

If visitors leave your landing page, they might never return and you miss your chance to convert them.

But, don’t worry. Fortunately, there are ways to recover visitors on your landing page. That’s with an exit-intent® campaign from optinmonster.

With Exit-Intent® technology, you can track when visitors will leave your landing page and send a targeted message at the right time.

This campaign will involve the attention of your visitors and give them another opportunity to repent.

In fact, the InternetSucesgids use this tactic to convert 24% of visitors and grow the email list of more than 250%!
You can see similar results if you add exit-Intent® to your landing page.

That’s a wrap! With this landing page design tips, you can easily create beautiful landing pages and high conversions.